Leveraging strategic collaborations on the local level, Lake County Grown aims to reduce administration cost in regards to hiring ancillary services. These well-developed resources consolidate and streamline operations, boosting bottom line results. From concept to completion we source and vet the highest quality individuals from the North Coast Region. Providing our community with a quality workforce that is fully licensed and insured, protecting our members in all aspects of the cannabis industry.


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Source and vet trustworthy individuals for potential employment. Enabling members to achieve their

 operational goals while valuing industry best practices.


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Ensuring procedural efficiencies through the process of production during day to day operations. Highly effective SOP manuals and systems to maintain full compliance.


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A mutual understanding and commitment to pure and clean cannabis with respect for natural resources, while safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the farm.


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Well-developed alliances and credible resources to transport and distribute your products is essential in providing successful management of operations.


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As the farm scales to full potential we ensure all permits and licenses remain current and compliant with local  and state regulatory agencies.


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Our End-to-end solutions ensure operational proficiencies and productivity, while taking a proactive approach to managing the inherent risk involved.


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We strategically plan operations to maximize growth, bringing your vision to life, while navigating through the complex regulatory environment.


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Our dedication to brand development and strategic marketing will define our unique story of ethical farming and communal success.


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